Song to be Sung in a Round

there will be a soft boy at the end of the song there will be him three meters tall expecting every poem to rejuvenate & reinvigorate when really he will just be a bright noise in his belly & maybe they will forget maybe there won’t be anything except a lake when he was 16 & swimming as far out as he could & she stood by watching maybe he never knew love like that again just strange reiterations there was a cross country travel & back again when road stretched on & he could breathe rest stops their coffee like he owned them take off run away maybe he just needed to get going get gone the city could eclipse him take him roll him around until he finally said enough

maybe the way home was leaving was running full speed strong in a completely different direction until a finger stopped on the pulse & the beat quickened & maybe he landed where there was nothing but a different language boys & girls that would move him but he would not move them maybe he never did maybe his fascination was for all the ones he couldn’t have the soft boy he was rolling out until the track stopped & what would be become of him them & who would see