Buy Up The River, Issue Two $10.00

Buy Up The River, Issue Two

We are very happy to announce the second issue of Up The River is now available in print and online.

Up The River is a journal of poetry, art & photography by Albany Poets Press celebrating the best in the arts not just from upstate New York, but from around the world.

This issue of the journal was edited by Jill Crammond, Kevin Peterson, and Thom Francis. With each new issue of Up The River we showcase original work from new and established poets, artists and photographers both in print and online on our website. Our approach is to mix new technology and good old fashioned print publishing with Up The River.

You can purchase your own copy Issue Two from for just $10.00.

Up The River, Issue Two Contributors

Jeffery Alfier

Lloyd Barnhart

Therese Broderick

Shelly Bryant

Alan Catlin

Pam Clements

Tobi Cogswell

Douglas Cole

Holly Day

Timothy Dodd

Jared Duran

J.K. Durick

David Giannini

Howie Good

Elizabeth Gordon

John Grey

Marcella Hammer

Art Heifetz

Max Henderson

Carol H. Jewell

Mike Jurkovic

Raffi Kiureghian

Howard Kogan

Joy Ladin

Tess Lecuyer

Carol Levin

Dave Lewitzky

J.M. Lloyd

Aimee Mackovic

Irene Mitchell

Mimi Moriarty

Luis Pabon

Cheryl A. Rice

April Salzano

Shannon Shoemaker

James Shultis

Andrew Sullivan

Victoria Sullivan

James Summa

Adam Tedesco

Jan Tramontano

Mark Vogel

John Williams