UpTheRiver-IssueThree-Cover-WebWe are very happy to announce the third issue of Up The River is now available in print and online.

Up The River is a journal of poetry, art & photography by Albany Poets Press celebrating the best in the arts not just from upstate New York, but from around the world.

This issue of the journal was edited by Mary Panza, Kevin Peterson, and Carissa Haberland.

Up The River, Issue Three is available for just $10.00 on Amazon.com (http://bit.ly/UTRThree) and at Albany Poets events.


Up The River, Issue Three Contributors

Iris Litt

Mitchell Krockmalnik Grabois

Karen Schoemer

Malcolm Willison

Jonathan Bright

Robert Phelps

Cecele Kraus

Nancy Klepsch

Gary Murrow

James Summa

Dennis R. Rush

Thom Francis

Lee Pursewarden

Jan Marin Tramontano

Dawn Marar

Howard Kogan

Tom Riley

Samson Dikeman

Frank S. Robinson

Matthew Wallenstein

Valentina Cano

John Grey

Jennifer Lagier

R.M. Engelhardt

Alan Catlin

James Hodson

Dan Wilcox

Alex Nodopaka

Christopher Woods

Griff Jurchak